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New Channel Media tells the stories behind the speed by bringing together world class story-telling and a passion for motor sport.
The highest value, most sought-after brands in the World, develop great stories.

A well-told story achieves three things:
o Captures attention
o Generates demand
o Develops loyalty

Throughout human existence, stories have been told to engage an audience, share knowledge, and influence decisions. With your driver, team, or sponsor’s brand  starting to get noticed by a bigger audience, the story continues, and a question surfaces: what are you known for?   

What can you offer to fans, sponsors, and customers?

When your target audience hears your name, what do they associate it with?

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Keeping your brand uppermost in people’s minds will occur when there is something they want from you, or for which they can depend on you to deliver.

Telling the story of how you meet their expectations helps connect with your audience even further.

Loyalty comes when your fans, sponsors, and customers can depend on you as a driver, team, or event, to deliver on, and ideally exceed their expectations - consistently. 

At the same time, you need to clearly and regularly demonstrate your understanding and appreciation of your audience.

Giving thanks is always well-received, and to stand-out you need to differentiate yourself from your competition.

Today's professionals offer something more, something special, rare, and accessible only to those privileged with access to you and your brand. We help you identify and tell your story, to successfully capture attention, generate demand, and develop loyalty.

With many years of journalism experience, we will consult with you to identify the best story for your target audience. Here are some examples:
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Establishing yourself as a rising star is hard enough inside the cockpit.

Understanding how you prevailed against challenging odds, and succeeded against established drivers, is essential to boosting your personal brand and accelerating your career forward.

New Channel Media dedicates time to covering your race and practice days, and to complete your story, we will cover you at home with family and friends, your pastimes, at the gym, what music you listen to, what motivates you.... and anything else you want to share with your fans.
Information technology is part of our everyday lives. How computers are used at the race track is a constant source of fascination.

And this applies to almost anyone who has a passing appreciation of how technology enhances our lives.

Without giving away too many secrets, let’s tell the story of your IT team, travelling from track to track, setting up the infrastructure, dealing with hardware and networking challenges, and directly influencing the success of your team.
Bringing people together does not make a well-functioning team. There is a culture to adopt, and dependencies to develop.

Professional racing teams have experts in talent acquisition and team development. Without giving too much away, let’s tell their story.

Let’s take a look at what your team needs to be successful in the current season or next. Let’s capture everything including the hiring process, on-boarding, integration, team practice, and all the activity in the pit garage on race weekend.

We all love stories, and we would love to tell yours. Contact us today, and let's work on some new ideas.