New Channel Media

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New Channel Media brings together world class story-telling and a passion for motor sport.
Michael Fox started New Channel Media with Steve O'Neill and Peter West in an effort to more effectively utilise digital distribution channels to deliver great content to a global audience.

The demise of print failed to occur, despite expectations of doom and gloom from apparently knowledgeable analysts. And yet print has many constraints – cost, maximum number of pages, physical delivery requirements – which demand a compromise when selecting content for publication.

At the same time, an explosion in digital capture methods (smart phones, formattable memory cards in digital cameras, digital voice recorders, film-quality digital film cameras that consumers can afford) meant that there was more content than ever before, looking for an audience. TV channels, and on-line video channels proliferated, but, suddenly, too much content became a problem – where was the good stuff?

That's why we came together to explore what fans and readers are looking for when engaging with their favourite sport. What we discovered is that core content was insufficient. There was a need to establish a more intimate connection by giving greater access to drivers, teams, sponsors, and organisers on and off the track.

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Fans want to feel a special connection to their favourite sport, and we wanted to put that connection in their hands, and in their control.

With our deep experience in commercial sales, marketing and communications, based on 30 years working in the high-tech sector, including 15 years in Silicon Valley,
New Channel Media has a clear understanding of the needs of sponsors, investors and motor sport partners.

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Our work with drivers, teams, public relations professionals, and sports management companies, focuses entirely on building your brand. Your story is your brand and we were winning prizes for telling stories since we were teenagers!

It might sound corny, but we really believe that your success is our success. New Channel Media enjoys a fantastic reputation, which is something we worked hard to achieve, and which we are constantly aiming to protect and improve.

You can be sure that any work we do for you will be executed and delivered at the highest levels of quality, originality, and innovation.

New Channel Media is more than a company that delivers content-related services: we directly contribute to your success.
We want to partner with you for your success. Contact us today.