New Channel Media

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New Channel Media delivers world class photography, serving media outlets and clients around the world, focusing on Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.

Our network of photographers, videographers and writers are highly experienced and knowledgeable about their subject, and their work has been seen around the globe in most leading daily, weekly, and monthly publications.

We specialise in providing documentary-style content as well as commercially-oriented images for drivers, teams, and sponsors, while also distributing content through TV channels, newspapers, magazines, book publishers, internet channels and other specialist web sites.

New Channel Media has many years of experience in developing commercial, corporate and documentary video productions to be used in promotions campaigns, training programs, and general distribution.

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New Channel Media focuses on the teams, crews, fans, families, manufacturers, circuits, contractors, press officers, commentators, and all aspects of the motor sport industry.

Without fans, there is no sponsor interest. With no sponsors, the ability to race is seriously compromised.

Engaging with fans and consumers is an essential component of any team's business strategy.

With a track record of delivering impactful documentary photography, New Channel Media combines world class photojournalism with a passion for motor sport to tell
the stories behind the speed.

Take a look at our latest project,
Masters of Endurance, and discover how you can benefit.
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Everyone loves a story. When told well, stories can be engaging and inspirational. If you want to capture attention, it is important to do two things - tell a better story, and deliver it in a better way.

New Channel Media combines world-class photojournalism, video, audio, narrative, and reader input, with a passion for motor sport.

With many years of combined experience in corporate marketing and communications, we know what it takes to capture attention, create demand, and maintain loyalty.

Your audience doesn’t just read your story - they get to experience it.
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With a deep understanding of Sports Management, New Channel Media is the perfect partner for team managers and driver's agents.

We work alongside sports management professionals to ensure your clients establish broad awareness amongst the fanbase, while developing a positive reputation and professional brand.

Working with New Channel Media, driver representatives deliver high quality, results-driven sports management, optimising investments and developing some of the best ambassadors for our sport.

Learn more about our collaborations with Vector Sports Management and the Pindare Agency.
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